One Song Per Track: Tonic

Talking with a friend yesterday, I was challenged to make an album consisting of my favorite song, by track number on an album, by the Beatles.  It was a fun exercise, so I decided to use it to tackle my favorite band of all time: Tonic.

Here are my picks:

1. Roses (A brutal choice. “Future Says Run” is one of my favorite Tonic songs, with those odd chord voicings.  “Roses” wins out because of how heavy it sounds when the riff kicks in, and how gorgeous the harmonies are.)

2. You Wanted More (“Take Me As I Am” is a close second, but “You Wanted More” is a perfect encapsulation of what guitar pop can be.)

3. If You Could Only See (One of my favorite songs of all time, so the obvious winner.)

4. Soldier’s Daughter (I love “Do You Know” as well, but “Soldier’s Daughter” is one of those songs where Tonic stretches themselves a bit, and the mood is so beautifully depressing.)

5. Sugar (I love “Bigger Than Both” nearly as much, but I can’t deny how great “Sugar” is. It has one of those solos that is so simple, yet so unforgettable.)

6. Mountain (Another of my favorite Tonic songs, an easy winner. The acoustic section that opens the song is great, and then the electrics are so dirty that the song has a ton of bite.)

7. Queen (One of those songs that proves Tonic can rock when they want to. It’s dark and beautiful.)

8. Wicked Soldier (One of my favorite guitar tones ever. The whole thing sounds like a massive explosion of rock and roll power.)

9. Mr. Golden Deal (A beautiful ballad.)

10. Bigot Sunshine (A quick burst of energy that is as hard-edged as Tonic can be.)

11. Torn To Pieces (Another quick rock song that has a nifty riff and a killer chorus. Perfect Tonic.)

12. Top Falls Down (Tonic at their heaviest. That riff is crushing for this kind of band.)

13. Love A Diamond (The only choice, but still a good one. A beautiful way to end an album.)


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